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Other Wood Destroying Organisms

Termites are not the only wood destroying organisms you need to look out for and have taken care of by a professional such as Trademark Exterminators, Inc.  A few other factors are :

  • Dry Rot and Dry Rot Damage

  • Fungus and Fungus Damage

  • Moisture and Moisture Damage

Some that could lead into other problems such as:

  • Earth to Wood Contact

  • Cellulose Debris

  • Faulty Grade

  • Water Stains

Among other items that could possibly be noted on a termite report that could keep you from closing escrow on that house you've been dreaming of.  We here at Trademark Exterminators, Inc., give a complete thorough inspection inside and out.  We give our clients and customers options for treatment and repair, while trying to be as easy as possible on the wallet so your transaction can be as easy as possible for you.  We are licensed and bonded with the State of CA so we do have Rules and Regulations to abide by. 

Those can be found here:                                                     

For those of you that are doing a refinance, remodel, getting ready for a rental, investing or have some issues you see around your home that should be checked out, we do the same for you.  We give a thorough inspection. Whether it be a complete inspection, inside and out, or limited to a certain area.  We will give you as many options as possible for treatment and repair while still trying to be easy on the wallet.  We also do our best to to get you the best price on a second opinion.

Our inspections are always done with honesty and integrity and adhere to the Structural Pest Control Act, Rules and Regulations.

We do offer many other services not listed here.  Give us a call and we would be glad to discuss those.


Dry Rot with Damage and Fungus with Damage

deck 2.jpg
deck dry rot 1.jpg
deck 3.jpg
deck 4.jpg
deck 5.jpg
deck 6.jpg
deck 7.jpg
deck 8.jpg
2285 INDIGO HILLS #6  2.jpg
2285 INDIGO HILLS #6  3.jpg
2285 INDIGO HILLS #6  4.jpg
IMG_2379 (002).JPG
IMG_2383 (002).JPG
IMG_2374 (002).JPG
IMG_2381 (3).JPG
Sometimes the wood is just too damaged and it's best to remove it completely.
Shown above with the stairs on the deck and below with the entire patio.
IMG_1235 (002).JPG
IMG_1270 (002).JPG
dry rot fungus damage.jpg
9050 Colony closet 2.jpg
colony 1.jpg
9050 Colony closet 3.jpg
IMG_0096 (003).JPG
IMG_0116 (003).JPG
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